2019/2020 Season


November 29-30, 8pm, December 1, 4pm

Featuring new works by Zorya Arrow, Ming Hon, and After Schema 4 by Jolene Bailie.

Dancers: Emma Beech, Carol-Ann Bohrn, Alexandra Garrido, D-Anne Kuby, Shawn Maclaine, Warren McClelland, Arlo Reva, Camila Schujman, Emily Solstice Tait, Natasha Torres-Garner

Animal Triste

February 13-15, 8:00pm

Featuring Montreal-based, Guest Company, MAYDAY.

Animal Triste comes to WCD with an impressive history of acclaimed success all over the world.

Choreography: Melanie Demers

Dancers: Marc Boivin, James Gnam, Brianna Lombardo, Léa Noblet Di Ziranaldi

New Work by Jolene Bailie

April 24-25, 8:00pm, April 26, 4:00pm

New Work by WCD’s newly appointed Artistic Director, Jolene Bailie, featuring an ensemble of dancers.

Dancers: Carol-Ann Bohrn, Hélène Le Moullec Mancini, Julious Gambalan, Shawn Maclaine, Warren McClelland, Aaron Paul, Sam Penner, Camila Schujman

WCD Social Night and Season Launch

May 8, 7:30pm

For Single or Season Tickets call 204 452 0229 

Emerging Artist Initiative: Calibrations of Flux

October 25, 2019 at 8:00pm

Studio Show

An exciting and theatrical evening of dance.

Choreography: Jolene Bailie
Dancers: Julious Gambalan, Shayla Rudd, Emily Solstice Tait, Sharazade Vahid, Fiona Witherell, Anastasiya Yevsigneeva

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