Below are our available works.

“retuning,” Photo: Leif Norman, Choreography: Jolene Bailie, Dancer: Carol-Ann Bohrn


Choreography by Jolene Bailie, 2023
40 minutes, live performance, 6 dancers

“Bailie wisely leaves room for personal interpretation with her dynamic, highly visceral choreography, with dancers often flying through the air, leaping onto each other’s backs, being held aloft as though in sacrificial rite, or striking their own skin and slamming their fists into the ground.

… Kudos to all performers for their clear commitment to Bailie’s no-holds-barred lexicon of movement vocabulary, ranging from suspended lifts to body isolations and percussive attacks with their limbs; their trust in each other is palpable.”

The Winnipeg Free Press, Holly Harris

Begin Again Photo by Leif Norman Choreography Jera Wolfe Dancers Mark Dela Cruz Allison Brooks Kira Hofmann Carol Ann Bohrn Lighting Hugh Conacher

Begin Again

Choreography by Jera Wolfe, 2021

21 minutes live performance, 4 dancers

“Intricate choreography, powerful imagery, potent combination in world premiere dance production.”

Winnipeg Free Press, Holly Harris

Body & Light

Choreography by Jolene Bailie, 2021

37 minutes live performance, 6 dancers

“Body and light are themes that have come back to me daily during the Covid-19 pandemic. With so many questions encircling me daily, two things became constant: We cannot escape the body and we need light. Whether that light is the light that is inside us, or it is experiencing a sunrise or a sunset, or it is finding light when there is darkness, or it is simply a concept that can assist to move forward.” 

Jolene Bailie, Choreographer

Other Works

Anywhere from one 4 minute solo to a full evening of works are available. Site specific and outdoor options available. Let us know what you may be looking for and we are happy to work together to create an itinerary!  

“I have always felt fortunate to have dance in my life but especially now I am struck by the importance of any new creation. The title, Begin Again, is an idea that I think we can all relate to, rebirthing and what that means to us. I am exploring the use of light and props and how they can bring us together, even in a time of socially distancing.”

Jera Wolfe, choreographer

New works coming in the 2023-24 season!