WCD’s Emerging Artist Initiative: Up Close and disDANCING

Online Presentation November 13-29, 2020

Photo: Leif Norman
Graphic Design: Urban Ink

Five dancers rise to the challenge of emerging into a dance career during Covid-19; with physical distancing and our current reality.

WCD’s Emerging Artist Initiative is in partnership with The School of Contemporary Dancers.

Choreography: Jolene Bailie
Dancers: Justine Erickson, Julious Gambalan, Andres Felipe Jimenez Mejia, Sophie Milord, Shayla Rudd

Program includes: Bell/Anti-Bell, Space or Place, and Aspects of Alterity






Host and Assistant Stage Manager: Ian Mozdzen
Stage Manager: Paige Lewis
Videographer and Editing: Landon Lake
Venue Technician: Evan Wohlgemut


Justine Erickson

Julious Gambalan

Andres Felipe Jimenez Mejia

Sophie Milord

Shayla Rudd