A multidisciplinary artist, Mélanie Demers founded her own dance company, MAYDAY, in Montréal in 2007. Her work has won over audiences with its originality, intensity, and complexity, all while exploring the bleaker side of the human condition. An artist who believes in the importance of social engagement, she has worked abroad as a dance teacher in a number of countries including Kenya, Niger, Brazil, and Haiti. The harsh reality of these developing countries has convinced her that art only matters if it is invested with political significance and serves as a call to action and reflection. Les Angles Morts (2006), Sense of Self (2008), Junkyard/Paradise (2010), Goodbye (2012) and MAYDAY remix (2014) were all created with this perspective in mind. Her piece WOULD (2015) won the CALQ Prize for Best Choreography for the 2014-2015 season, highlighting the artistic excellence of a work produced in Québec.

In 2016, Mélanie Demers began a new creative cycle with Animal Triste and Icône Pop. Both works have toured internationally and in August 2017 Icône Pop was awarded the Buddies in Bad Times Vanguard Award for Risk and Innovation at the SummerWorks Performance Festival in Toronto. Recently, Mélanie Demers was invited to work as a guest choreographer at the Skånes Dansteater in Malmö, Sweden for the creation of Something About Wilderness, and at the Operaestate Festival in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Her latest project, Danse Mutante (2019), is a choreographic relay over three continents kicking off in Montréal. A single dance duo will pass through the sensibilities of four different female choreographers (including Demers herself) before it crossed the finish line with a marathon event in Montréal in 2019, where all four versions—the original and its “mutations”—will be presented. To date, Mélanie Demers has choreographed twenty works which have been presented in over thirty cities throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia.