November 29-30, 8pm
December 1, 4pm 
Artist Talk to follow the December 1st performance

10 dancers dancing, three dance makers, two new works. A celebration of Winnipeg-based artists.

Featuring new works by Winnipeg-based choreographers Ming Hon and Zorya Arrow, and an introduction to the work of by WCD’s newly appointed Artistic Director, Jolene Bailie.

Ming Hon’s practice looks into themes of cultural identity, hybridization, and race, as well as the economy and politics of the female body. Her work has shown locally, across Canada, and internationally in Edinburgh, London, and Taipei. Hon is creating a quartet.

Zorya Arrow is a dance-theatre artist living in Winnipeg whose obsession with authenticity drives the introspective human nature of her work. Arrow is creating a quartet.

Bailie’s work reflects on humanness, soul, and identity to express a deeply human experience that is honest, complex, and thorough.

Dancers: Emma Beech, Carol-Ann Bohrn, Alexandra Garrido, D-Anne Kuby, Shawn Maclaine, Warren McClelland, Arlo Reva, Camila Schujman, Emily Solstice Tait, and Natasha Torres-Garner.

Lighting Design: Hugh Conacher