Remembering Rachel Browne, C.M.

“A Celebration”


Signature Works Choreographed by Rachel Browne


Directed by Stephanie Ballard


“Browne was considered the matriarch of Canadian contemporary dance. She took great pride in the fact that WCD, which she established in 1964, is the oldest modern dance company in Canada. Through the School of Contemporary Dancers, she helped train, nurture and inspire countless choreographers and dancers. Her role as a pioneer in the development of modern dance in Canada is monumental.” Paula Citron, 2012, The Globe and Mail

Photo: Ballard’s Homeagain, 2011

Photographer Vince Pahkata


Old Times Now 1987

Kathleen Hiley: Guest Artist

Willow Island  1997

Third Year Emerging Artists

Toward Light (Excerpt Duet) 1995

Odette Heyn and Paula Blair: Guest Artist

Camping Out  1985

Emerging Artists

Choreography and concept by Tedd Robinson, Choreographic Excerpt by Rachel Brown

KJ4  1994

Emerging Artists

 Freddy 1991

Robyn Thomson Kacki: Guest Artist

Sunstorm  (Excerpts) 2001

Emerging Artists


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The Professional Program of The School of Contemporary Dancers

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