WCD is pleased to announce our



    Our first order of business in our 51st year is to “SET THE STAGE” designed to assist us accomplish two significant goals:

    First: the creation of a new Manitoba Dance/Movement Festival, showcasing extraordinary talent both local and from afar.

    Second, the renovation of our existing Rachel Browne Theatre to ensure both the front and back of house is spacious, well designed and optimized for artists and audience members alike.

    Please consider contributing to help ‘Set the Stage’ for the next 50 years of dance.


  • Iceland |


    By Nicolas Billon

    Directed by Ardith Boxall

    NOVEMBER 5-15, 2015Venue: The Rachel Browne Theatre – 211 Bannatyne Ave. (at Main St)

    Set against the backdrop of the banking crisis, a confrontation between a real estate agent and a tenant takes an unexpected turn. A snapshot in time of the effects of capitalism; how we all benefit from it, how we are all part of the system, and how we can all be greatly hurt by its effects. Iceland uses wit and dark humour to tackle the consequences of greed and our yearning to belong to something larger than ourselves.Iceland is part of the trilogy Fault Lines which was awarded the Governor General award for drama in 2013.“Iceland is a beautifully structured and extremely powerful play that haunts the mind. Billon is an original and exciting voice.” – Atom Egoyan

    Source: Iceland |

  • MISFIT BLUES Fortier Danse-Création

    Love, Clowning and other Silly AnticsAlthough they’ve been around awhile, they view intimate relations as an equation with several unknowns, except that today there are no limitations to expressing their enthusiasms and their failings. They love each other, good or bad. They sound each other out, challenge each other, know how to manipulate one another. Thick as thieves, they also get bored, enjoy a good laugh, tread delicately between candour and cruelty. Under the ambiguous gaze of a coyote created by the Amerindian artist Edward Poitras, they present tender, perverse, hilarious characters – angelic tramps straight out of a Beckett play or burlesque cinema. Sublime misfits.      After a successful and brilliant career over the past 40 years, the choreographer Paul-André Fortier pursues in Misfit Blues an adventure that began at the FTA in 2008 with Cabane. In this duo with the incandescent Robin Poitras (Bells, FTA 2013), he appears here in a new light in this bittersweet caricature of the grand human comedy.Fabienne Cabado

    Source: Fortier Danse-Création

  • Exploring the Manic, the Dark and the Wild | The Dance Current

    Prairie Dance Circuit has become a highly anticipated annual event on the Prairies, featuring dance and other media artists from Western Canada on a tour across the plains to Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg.

    Source: Exploring the Manic, the Dark and the Wild | The Dance Current

  • Dancers In The House

    The studio is a buzz with back to back rehearsals of Brent Lott and Johanna Riley’s world premieres.  We have dancers, Warren McClelland, Sam Penner, Brianna Ferguson, Jasmine Allard and Brett Owen in the house getting ready for the October 9th and 10th presentation of GORGE.
    Next week we welcome Calgary’s Helen Husak, Kate Stashko, Peter vonTiesenhausen and Kalyna Conrad as they arrive to present two Manitoba premieres of Helen’s work.
    And if that is not enough, we are thrilled to have Lesandra Dodson here, all the way from New Brunswick, working on her new piece which will premiere in our April show titled DUETS.  Joining Lesandra in the studio are dancers, Ali Robson and Aaron Paul plus singer /songwriter Christine Fellows.
    If you haven’t ordered your tickets yet for GORGE, please call 204 452 0229 and reserve today or Buy Online.
    See you next weekend as we GORGE on dance and thanksgiving dinner.
  • GORGE – Friday, October 9 and Saturday, October 10 – Bring a Tin for the Bin

    As we give thanks for all of the bounty in our life on Thanksgiving weekend, WCD invites you to bring a non-perishable food item for Winnipeg Harvest. Below is a list of the most desirable food.

    • Canned fish and poultry – tuna, or salmon (packed in water) chicken or turkey
    • Canned fruit and vegetables (packed in own juice)
    • Canned stew, chili, brown beans
    • Peanut Butter
    • Baby Food – jars of chicken, beef, vegetables or fruit, infant cereal such as oatmeal, barley or rice, Formula with added iron (While donations of infant formula with added iron are needed, Winnipeg Harvest supports breastfeeding.)
    • Whole grain pasta/whole wheat pasta
    • Rice – brown, converted or parboiled
    • Canned spaghetti sauce or tomatoes
    • Cereal – high fiber, non-sugar coated
    • Canned soup – lentil, pea, vegetable

    Please share what you can spare of these non-perishable food items.

    These food items reflect recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide and are supported by Manitoba Dietitians.

  • Cultural Dance Exchange


    with Monirah Hashemi

    In Partnership with Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers

    Sunday September 13, 1:00-4:00pm
    Rachel Browne Theatre
    211 Bannatyne Avenue

    FemFest will be welcoming international guest Monirah Hashemi to Winnipeg and we are we excited to work with the dance community on an exciting cultural exchange! Monirah Hashemi is from Afghanistan but has been living in Sweden where she fled for her own safety. She is performing her play “Sitaraha” at the festival. The play explores the stories of three Afghan women throughout history and incorporates traditional dance.

    These women’s stories were passed on to Monirah in covert ways and in one case whispered to her from a prison cell. One of the dances, entitled Pish-Po, has been lost through time. Although it has been described to Monirah, no one has been able to show her how it is done. She knows its purpose and has been trying to recreate it in her show. She is keen to work with dancers and choreographers from various styles and traditions to both share traditional Afghan dance and to explore the possible interpretations of this particular lost dance. This will be a unique opportunity for learning about Afghanistan folk dance, exchange ideas and bring new life to historical movement practice. It is open to dancers and choreographers in all styles. The hope is to end the session with variations on the lost dance.

    Monirah along with any others who are interested will showcase the results at the Closing Cabaret of FemFest on September 19th at 9pm.
    204 586 2236

    Open to all experienced dancers and choreographers.