• Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers


    Rachel Browne Theatre 204-211 Bannatyne Ave

    August 22nd to 26th & August 29th September 2nd.

    10:00am – Noon Technique with Johanna Riley

    1:00pm – 3:00pm Contact Improv with Ali Robson

    Full session $175

    Technique only $100

    Contact Improv $100

    Drop In $13/class

    Space is limited to 20 participants so register early!Participants include those entering the senior professional programYou can reserve a spot with a $40 deposit and pay the balance on the first day of class i

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    With the launch of our newest philanthropy piece for Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, we wanted to give you a little more background on the piece itself by speaking with Brent Lott, Artistic Director of WCD. Find out why contemporary dance is an essential part of the community, how the necklace itself represents the field, and a bit about the WCD’s upcoming performance of DUETS.



    Contemporary dance is a vital and provocative genre that propels the art form forward through innovation and experimentation. Sometimes referred to as modern dance, this artistic practice uses the whole body as its canvas. There is no set movement syllabus or definitive style but an openness to all the possibilities inherent in the wonders of the human body. How, where and why the body moves is determined by the choreographers’ interests, intentions and/or questions. At its finest, contemporary dance arouses curiosity, stimulates discussion, challenges how we see and understand the world and provokes change in how we interact with each other and our environment.

    As you can tell, I believe there are many reasons why contemporary dance is important. I would like, however, to expand on how modern dance propels the art form forward. Contemporary dance attracts creators who are risk takers; those who think ‘Outside the Box’. What our audiences experience at a modern dance performance can be seen years (20-40) later in large Concert Hall-like venues being performed by ballet companies. It takes time, money and embracing the possibility of failure to innovate. In dance the trajectory that leads to the big stage often begins with contemporary dance. So if you are interested in this continuum; if you like the idea of experiencing the exhilaration of birthing, I encourage you to think ‘Outside the Box’ and check out some contemporary dance.



    With this necklace Hilary Druxman has perfectly captured what contemporary dance is! What began as a conversation about who WCD is and how contemporary dance fits into the vast and varied world of dance, became a piece of jewelry; a work of art itself. Hilary has transformed a philosophical discussion into a necklace. I see the square portion as being the wider artistic form, dance. I see the triangular portion, that is suspended by the form, as contemporary dance. The triangle, like contemporary dance, dangles (or dabbles) “Outside the Box”, catching and casting light as it moves through time and space. It is perfect! I cannot thank Hilary enough.


    Stimulate conversation! If this necklace can get people to discuss how it evokes contemporary dance then I am more than pleased. If those discussions lead to new audiences, I will be even happier!



    DUETS is, as the title suggests, a program of works for two dancers. I am extremely excited for this show as it sees the return of two choreographers who got their start creating in Winnipeg; former WCD Artistic Director Tedd Robinson and former WCD dancer Lesandra Dodson. Robinson’s work, a world premiere commissioned by Winnipeg’s dancing dynamo, Alexandra Elliot, opens the evening with an intoxicatingly mythic duet performed by Elliot and Ian Mozden. Dodson’s duet, TWIGS, is a riveting world premiere performed by WCD dancers Ali Robson and Aaron Paul. Set to original music and text performed live by one of Winnipeg’s favourite singer/songwriters, Christine Fellows, TWIGS will be a feast for the eyes and ears. The third work programmed for the evening is the remount of my 2012 duet, ANGLE OF REPOSE. I originally made this duet for a man (Mark Medrano) and a woman (Kayla Henry). This time however, it is being performed by two woman. Why you ask?…Because it’s 2016! You will not want to miss what WCD dancers Jasmine Allard and Alexandra Winters pull off with this extremely physical duet that explores with bodies ‘the maximum slope, measured in degrees from the horizontal, at which loose solid material will remain in place without sliding’ or, the ANGLE OF REPOSE.


    Think ‘Outside the Box’!

    IMG_1590 (1)

    DUETS runs April 21st – 23rd at The Rachel Browne Theatre at 8pm. Get involved in the world of contemporary dance and enjoy something new that may be outside your box by purchasing your tickets to this fantastic show.

  • “Logarian Rhapsody”, April 5 2016

    DUETS April 21–23, 8pm The remount of Brent Lott’s arresting duet ANGLE OF REPOSE, the World Premieres of duets by ex WCD dancer Lesandra Dodson and former WCD Artistic Director Tedd Robinson* &amp…

    Source: “Logarian Rhapsody”, April 5 2016

  • DUETS ‘Logarian Rhapsody’ 

    IMG_1590 (1)IMG_1554

    An invitation from WCD and the amazing Alex Elliott.

    Friends, Family and Community,I would like to personally invite you to attend a very special performance of Tedd Robinson’s work, ‘Logarian Rhapsody’, performed by myself and Ian Mozdzen, with music composed by Charles Quevillon.I commissioned Tedd to create this piece in the fall and the four of us lived together in Tedd’s beautiful home in the countryside of Québéc. We ate, we worked, we walked, we talked. It was an incredible time.

    Duets runs April 21-23rd at 8pm at the Rachel Browne Theatre -Tickets on sale now!

    Source: ‘Logarian Rhapsody’ by Tedd Robinson-April 21-23 – – Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers Mail

  • Gearshifting Performance Works presents HAPPYLAND

    April 15-17, 2016 at The Rachel Browne Theatre in Winnipeg

    Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16 @ 8:00pm
    Sunday, April 17 @ 4:00pm

    So what’s HAPPYLAND about? Check out our promo video to get a taste of what we are working on.

    Creative Team:
    Choreography: Jolene Bailie
    Lighting: Hugh Conacher
    Sound: Susan Chafe
    Dancers: Elise Page, Ian Mozdzen, Helene Le Moullec Mancini, Leelee Davis, Krista Nicholson, Jillian Groening, Camila Schujman

    Happyland is created with support from The Manitoba Arts Council and The Winnipeg Arts Council.

    Please note: This performance is not suitable for younger audiences. Mature themes, coarse language.

    Running time: approximately one hour
    Purchase advance tickets with a credit card or paypal at
    Tickets also available at the venue, one hour prior to performances. Cash only at the door please.
    Tickets: $25 regular, $20 students/seniors/industry

    The Rachel Browne Theatre is located at 211 Bannatyne (at Main Street) in the Exchange District.

  • Dinner Dance Menu




    Pike brandade with confit tomatoes


    Wedge salad with brioche torn croutons, lardon and sundried tomatoes


    Pan fried pickerel on potato veg hash, lemon, caper, brown butter sauce


    Cornmeal crusted pork chop, grainy mustard spätzle, brown butter green beans with toasted brioche crumbs


    Adobo fried chicken with potato puree and thyme roasted carrots


    Chocolate pot au crème with almond & chocolate biscotti


    lemon tart

    *Vegetarian option  available upon request.


    WCD’s goal is to create a place on the local, national and international arts landscape that enables exchange among dance creators, interpreters,

  • DUETS April 21st-23rd

    We would like to welcome Lesandra Dodson who is working with  Christine Fellows, Ali Robson and Aaron Paul  on  her world premiere for WCD’s up coming show DUETS!

    Tickets available on our website or call 204 452 0229.



    Photo credits: Chris Giles & Leif Norman

  • The not so fancy project: a simmering work

    The not so fancy project: a simmering work.



    Come and get a sneak peek of Artistic Director Brent Lott’s research for next seasons full length work,Flight of Fancy!
    $5 suggested donation at the door.
    Saturday,February 20th at 8:00pm and Sunday,February 2:00pm
    Rachel Browne Theatre 204-211 Bannatyne Ave

  • Metis Jigging Workshop with Yvonne Chartrand

    Metis Jigging Workshop with Yvonne Chartrand

    Sunday, February 14th, 2016

    11:00 am -12:30 pm

    Location: School of Contemporary Dancers

    104- 211 Bannatyne Avenue

    Workshop Fee $10  


    Yvonne Chartrand is a choreographer and dancer as well as a national award-winning master Métis jigger. Her Michif (Métis) ancestors comes from St. Laurent, Manitoba. She is the Artistic Director of V’ni Dansi, whose name translates as “Come and Dance” in Michif. Traditional and contemporary styles of Métis dance are performed under the name the Louis Riel Métis Dancers and Indigenous contemporary dance works as V’ni Dansi.  As a choreographer she has conceptualized and co-choreographed company group works A Poet and Prophet, Gabriel‘s Crossing, and The Crossing. Her first full-length dance-theatre work, Cooking It Up Métis has toured throughout BC. Her solo works include MargueriteStories from St. Laurent, and she is presently creating Eagle Spirit. Recently performed is her commissioned solo Sara Riel: The Long Journey created by Robin Poitras and Edward Poitras. Yvonne was awarded a 2011 Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award from the Canada Council for the Arts.

    Space is limited. Please contact Vanessa at or 204-452-0229 to reserve your spot.


  • Masterclass with Margie Gillis — The Dance Post

    Kathleen Hiley Solo Projects in partnership with

    Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers and the School of Contemporary Dancers presents a Master Class with Margie Gillis.

    Date: Wednesday February 10th, 2016Time: 9:30-11:00 AM

    Location: The School of Contemporary Dancers104-211 Bannatyne AvenueCost: $15 Space is limited.

    Please contact Kathleen or 204-688-5014 to reserve your spot.This master class is designed to encourage the dancer to rediscover the wisdom of the body as well as to reconnect with the curiosity and awe that initiate and inspire movement. The work in class strives to increase openness for continued experimentation, exploration and understanding through movement. The dancer is sensitized to the links between his/her thoughts, emotions and body. Emphasis is on observing the natural kinetic process: how our “inner landscape”, generated by electric impulses, is expressed in the muscles through movement.Dancing from the inside out: « My approach to dance and choreography is based on listening to the different connections that exist between the spirit and the body. This is the natural kinetic process whereby our inner landscape translates into electric impulses that transmit to the muscles the information as to how and with what quality to move. » -Margie Gillis MARGIE GILLISInternationally acclaimed modern dancer/choreographer, Margie Gillis has been creating original works for over forty years. Her repertoire now includes more than one hundred pieces, which she performs as solos, duets and group pieces. Over the years, Margie Gillis has won over loyal audiences with her masterful interpretation of the different facets of the human soul. Relentlessly, she continues to develop her work through experimenting, teaching and creating.In 1979, Margie Gillis was invited to teach and give lectures in China, thus becoming the first artist from the West to introduce modern dance in that country after the Cultural Revolution. Two years later, she founded her own company, the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation with the mission to support and present her artistic work. Her international tours have taken her to Asia, India, Europe and the Middle East as well as across North and South America.In parallel to her solo work and on a regular basis, Margie Gillis collaborates on projects initiated by her peers. She has worked with some of the most important dance artists and companies of her time. Teaching is also an important aspect of her career. She offers workshops for dance professionals and students in various cities throughout the world, including New York where she has taught at the prestigious Juilliard School. She also gives lectures on dance and the role of art in society. With her unique approach of “Dancing from the Inside Out”, she teaches her art form to professionals and aficionados. She also mentors fellow artists of excellence and new dancers alike.Margie Gillis is a socially committed artist. She has been spokesperson for a number of organizations dedicated to the fight against AIDS as well as for OXFAM and the Planned Parenthood Foundation. She is a fierce defender of environmental causes.AWARDS & DISTINCTIONSMargie Gillis is an Honorary Cultural Ambassador for both the Quebec and Canadian governments. In 1988, she was the first modern dance artist to be awarded the Order of Canada. In 2001, she received a Career Grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for her exceptional contribution to Quebec culture. In the fall of 2008, Margie Gillis was chosen by the Stella Adler Studio of New York to receive their first MAD Spirit Award for her involvement in various social causes, and she was awarded the Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts by a jury of her peers at the Canada Council for the Arts. In June of 2009, Margie Gillis was appointed Knight of the Ordre national du Québec. In May 2011, she received the Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award from the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award Foundation. In July 2013, she was promoted to an Officer of the Order of Canada.

    Source: Masterclass with Margie Gillis — The Dance Post