MISFIT BLUES Fortier Danse-Création

Love, Clowning and other Silly AnticsAlthough they’ve been around awhile, they view intimate relations as an equation with several unknowns, except that today there are no limitations to expressing their enthusiasms and their failings. They love each other, good or bad. They sound each other out, challenge each other, know how to manipulate one another. Thick as thieves, they also get bored, enjoy a good laugh, tread delicately between candour and cruelty. Under the ambiguous gaze of a coyote created by the Amerindian artist Edward Poitras, they present tender, perverse, hilarious characters – angelic tramps straight out of a Beckett play or burlesque cinema. Sublime misfits.      After a successful and brilliant career over the past 40 years, the choreographer Paul-André Fortier pursues in Misfit Blues an adventure that began at the FTA in 2008 with Cabane. In this duo with the incandescent Robin Poitras (Bells, FTA 2013), he appears here in a new light in this bittersweet caricature of the grand human comedy.Fabienne Cabado

Source: Fortier Danse-Création

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