Cyndi Forcand recognized by the Provincial Council of Women as a woman to celebrate!

Cyndi Forcand was a long serving and very valuable member of Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers Board of directors,a well deserved honour.14322493_1196149657093422_8602966304313416646_n

Cyndi Forcand our Treasurer,colleague,and friend, recognized by the Provincial Council of Women as a woman to celebrate!

For over twenty years, Cyndi has shared with other LEAF Manitoba volunteers the vision of, and work toward, true Equality for women and girls!

As you know, one of the priorities of responsible governance is financial accountability. Cyndi, with exemplary honesty, reliability, and many volunteered hours ensured that the Board had comprehensive, detailed information in support of this role. As Treasurer, she was involved in the financial aspects of all activities, in particular with the annual educational and fund-raising Breakfast. With this special event, her participation included Chairing and Co-Chairing. As a Board Director, Cyndi brought an open, frank, respectful approach to discussion and decision making.

Cyndi attributes the development of her interest in social justice to her work with the National Film Board during its glory days when the focus was on social analyses and progressive change, with “wonderful” documentaries, Studio D and equality for women, etc. An added benefit offered by NFB was their flexibility as to when one’s paid work was carried out, and their encouragement of volunteer community involvement. While at NFB, Cyndi’s creativity was evidenced in her development of a special unique boutique and the engagement of volunteers to staff it.

Cyndi’s other major volunteer contributions include 20 years on the Contemporary Dancers Board of Directors. Reflecting her love of dance, she served the organization as Treasurer, President, and in raising dollars for a venue. As a marketing committee member with The Manitoba Horse Council, Cyndi pursued her love of horses, and advanced the work of the Council.

At the age of 19, she enrolled in a law course. As an unanticipated result, the instructor, Ian, became her life long partner! Together, they enjoy travel, movies, golf and art. Since her retirement, mahjong has captured Cyndi’s attention, and she has recruited friends to share this during social times together. Cyndi does enjoy socializing and entertaining. She is one of the friendliest, most outgoing women I know, yet in her volunteer involvement she chooses to work “behind the scenes,” absolutely abhors and refuses to engage in public speaking.

I hope this has helped you to begin to know Cyndi, a strong, modest, and caring woman, partner, friend, volunteer who, without any public recognition, has contributed hundreds and hundreds of hours to making our community better.
I encourage you to express to her the appreciation and celebration we share!

Betty Hopkins
MB W.I S E. Board Chair

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