Cultural Dance Exchange

with Monirah Hashemi

In Partnership with Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers

Sunday September 13, 1:00-4:00pm
Rachel Browne Theatre
211 Bannatyne Avenue

FemFest will be welcoming international guest Monirah Hashemi to Winnipeg and we are we excited to work with the dance community on an exciting cultural exchange! Monirah Hashemi is from Afghanistan but has been living in Sweden where she fled for her own safety. She is performing her play “Sitaraha” at the festival. The play explores the stories of three Afghan women throughout history and incorporates traditional dance.

These women’s stories were passed on to Monirah in covert ways and in one case whispered to her from a prison cell. One of the dances, entitled Pish-Po, has been lost through time. Although it has been described to Monirah, no one has been able to show her how it is done. She knows its purpose and has been trying to recreate it in her show. She is keen to work with dancers and choreographers from various styles and traditions to both share traditional Afghan dance and to explore the possible interpretations of this particular lost dance. This will be a unique opportunity for learning about Afghanistan folk dance, exchange ideas and bring new life to historical movement practice. It is open to dancers and choreographers in all styles. The hope is to end the session with variations on the lost dance.

Monirah along with any others who are interested will showcase the results at the Closing Cabaret of FemFest on September 19th at 9pm.
204 586 2236

Open to all experienced dancers and choreographers.

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