One night only!
Friday, October 25th, 8:00pm, at The Rachel Browne Theatre

Six dancers in four works by WCD’s newly appointed Artistic Director, Jolene Bailie.

An exciting and theatrical evening of dance.

Program includes:

Lost – a fun, theatrical trio that dances the dialogue between our inner and outer being. Performed by: Sharazade Vahid, Emily Solstice Tait, and Shayla Rudd.

Recalibrating – an athletic duet performed by Anastasiya Yevsifneeva and Emily Solstice Tait

Feedback II, part 1 and 2 – a quintet based on real life accounts of feedback received in the dance studio. Performed by: Shayla Rudd, Emily Solstice Tait, Sharazade Vahid, Fiona Witherell, Anastasiya Yevsigneeva

Myriad Beings – a stark, technical quartet that dances through abstract fluxes of connectivity and desire. Performed by: Julious Gambalan, Shayla Rudd, Sharazade Vahid, Fiona Witherell

All works new to WCD.

In partnership with The School of Contemporary Dancers.


Julious Gambalan

Shayla Rudd

Emily Solstice Tait

Sharazade Vahid

Fiona Witherell

Anastasiya Yevsigneeva