Season 2019/2020

Emerging Artist Initiative: Calibrations of Flux

October 25, 2019 at 8:00pm

Choreography: Jolene Bailie
Dancers: Julious Gambalan, Shayla Rudd, Emily Solstice Tait, Sharazade Vahid, Fiona Witherell, Anastasiya Yevsigneeva



November 29-30, 2019 at 8pm, December 1, 2019 at 4pm

Featuring new works by Zorya Arrow, Ming Hon, and The Space In Between by Jolene Bailie.

Dancers: Emma Beech, Carol-Ann Bohrn, Alexandra Garrido, D-Anne Kuby, Shawn Maclaine, Warren McClelland, Arlo Reva, Camila Schujman, Emily Solstice Tait, Natasha Torres-Garner


Animal Triste

February 13-15, 8:00pm

Featuring Montreal-based, Guest Company, MAYDAY.

Animal Triste comes to WCD with an impressive history of acclaimed success all over the world.

Choreography: Melanie Demers

Dancers: Marc Boivin, James Gnam, Brianna Lombardo, Léa Noblet Di Ziranaldi


VITALITY and the speed of life

This show was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Dancers: Carol-Ann Bohrn, Hélène Le Moullec Mancini, Julious Gambalan, Shawn Maclaine, Warren McClelland, Aaron Paul, Sam Penner, Camila Schujman

New Work by WCD’s newly appointed Artistic Director, Jolene Bailie, featuring an ensemble of dancers.