• Artistic Residence and Commission Opportunity

    Artistic Residency and Commission Opportunity Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (WCD)


    CANADA-WIDE CALL TO ARTISTS OF ALL DISCIPLINES: WCD invites artists working in all disciplines to submit an Expression of Interest to be our Artist-in-Residence for 2018/19. This opportunity is open to individual artists or collaborative teams at any phase of their career, emerging or established. The selected artist or artistic team (the Artist) will research and create a new full-length performance work at Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (WCD), to be premiered at the first show of our 2018/19 season.

    This is not a live-in residency. It is a two-phase residency hosted by Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. Phase 1 (research, creation) will take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba beginning after the announcement. Phase 2 (rehearsals, production) will culminate in a presentation of the commissioned performance work in Fall 2018.

    Specific dates and number of weeks to be determined and agreed upon by Artist and WCD as required, with a work period spanning a maximum of 6 months.

    The total budget for this project will not exceed $50,000, and will be paid in instalments to the Artist over the span of the residency. The budget includes Artist/commission fees, production costs, dancer’s fees, accommodations and travel. Priority will be given to projects that fulfill WCD’s mandate.

    DEADLINE: 30 March 2018 at 4 pm

    BUDGET: $50,000 pending funding renewal (includes artist fees, production costs, travel and accommodations)

    Application requirements:

    Artists wishing to be considered for this residency are requested to submit the following:

    • A brief proposal (750 word maximum), outlining your vision for the creation and presentationof the proposed performance work, along with a draft timeline and schedule
    • A one-page CV that focuses on activities of the last 5 years, demonstrating the Artist’s field ofinterest and creative direction
    • Support materials (video, audio, still images—see specifications below) 1WCD is looking forproposals that:
    • Further the possibilities of performance work
    • Stimulate conversations between fellow artists and audiences
    • Fulfill WCD’s mandate
    • Expand our view of dance and the performing arts moving forward

    Our Organization:

    Established in 1964, WCD is the longest continuously running contemporary dance company in Canada. The power of contemporary dance is inherent in the fact that it requires presence, which has become increasingly important in contemporary culture. Contemporary dance thrives on exploration and cross-pollination. It asks us to recognize and respond to the humanity in one other. At WCD we recognize that some of the most original and intriguing work being produced today results from artists collaborating and experimenting across conventional boundaries. Moving forward, we aim to expand our mandate and explore avenues for the future of contemporary dance and for performance work in general.

    Our Mandate:

    WCD strives to create a place on the local, national and international arts landscape to enable vital intersections, linkages and exchange among dance creators and interpreters, interdisciplinary artists, spectators and communities. Our values, programs and activities are based on respect for our history, the ongoing development of our artists and to our place in the community. We are an evolving, responsive arts system. We act as a springboard for the presentation of new and existing dance work. This fosters and advances artistic vitality and excellence in dance. We create, produce, mentor, present and promote professional contemporary dance with a view to championing and furthering the art form for artists and audiences alike. We aim to provide a forum for exploration, originality and invention.

    Selection Criteria:

    • Artistic merit of the Artist and proposal
    • Conceptual clarity and vision of the proposal
    • Demonstrated ability of the Artist to produce performance work in a way that respects and challenges participating artists and audiences alike
    • Priority will be given to projects that fulfill WCD’s mandate


    Selection Process:

    ROUND 1:

    Proposal deadline: 4 p.m. on 30 March 2018

    The Board of WCD will select a short-list of applications for consideration by a selection committee. The selection committee comprises senior artists from the Canadian artistic community appointed bythe Board of WCD.

    ROUND 2:

    Deadline: 4 p.m. on 30 April 2018

    Selected artists from Round 1 will be asked to submit a detailed project description, one-paragraph biographies for their creative team (if applicable) and a detailed budget (template will be provided).

    The successful Artist will be notified by end of May 2018.

    Support Material Guidelines

    Please supply up to two samples of recently produced work (past 5 years) of the following support materials that best represent your recent work:

    • Up to 10 minutes of video and/or audio
    • Up to 15 still images
    • 1 sample of published material (book/publication)If you work in more than one artistic discipline, you may supply up to two of the above-noted samples, in each of your disciplines.

    Audiovisual specifications:

    • Image files must be:
    • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) format
    • RGB colour mode
    • No larger than 1.5 MB

    Audiovisual files must be:

    • Playable with VLC media player (consult
    • A maximum 60 FPS
    • A maximum resolution of 1080P (or frame size of 1920 x 1080)
    • No larger than 4 GB

    Web links to media via Vimeo, YouTube, or website content are acceptable, as long as they correspond with the support material specifications. Artists are also welcome to submit hard copies of media on BD, DVD, CD, or USB key.

    Please send submissions to:

  • WCD’s 2017 Annual General Meeting

    WCD’s 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held Thursday October 26, 7:00pm, in the Rachel Browne Theatre, 204-211 Bannatyne Ave. We would love to see you there!



    With the launch of our newest philanthropy piece for Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, we wanted to give you a little more background on the piece itself by speaking with Brent Lott, Artistic Director of WCD. Find out why contemporary dance is an essential part of the community, how the necklace itself represents the field, and a bit about the WCD’s upcoming performance of DUETS.



    Contemporary dance is a vital and provocative genre that propels the art form forward through innovation and experimentation. Sometimes referred to as modern dance, this artistic practice uses the whole body as its canvas. There is no set movement syllabus or definitive style but an openness to all the possibilities inherent in the wonders of the human body. How, where and why the body moves is determined by the choreographers’ interests, intentions and/or questions. At its finest, contemporary dance arouses curiosity, stimulates discussion, challenges how we see and understand the world and provokes change in how we interact with each other and our environment.

    As you can tell, I believe there are many reasons why contemporary dance is important. I would like, however, to expand on how modern dance propels the art form forward. Contemporary dance attracts creators who are risk takers; those who think ‘Outside the Box’. What our audiences experience at a modern dance performance can be seen years (20-40) later in large Concert Hall-like venues being performed by ballet companies. It takes time, money and embracing the possibility of failure to innovate. In dance the trajectory that leads to the big stage often begins with contemporary dance. So if you are interested in this continuum; if you like the idea of experiencing the exhilaration of birthing, I encourage you to think ‘Outside the Box’ and check out some contemporary dance.



    With this necklace Hilary Druxman has perfectly captured what contemporary dance is! What began as a conversation about who WCD is and how contemporary dance fits into the vast and varied world of dance, became a piece of jewelry; a work of art itself. Hilary has transformed a philosophical discussion into a necklace. I see the square portion as being the wider artistic form, dance. I see the triangular portion, that is suspended by the form, as contemporary dance. The triangle, like contemporary dance, dangles (or dabbles) “Outside the Box”, catching and casting light as it moves through time and space. It is perfect! I cannot thank Hilary enough.


    Stimulate conversation! If this necklace can get people to discuss how it evokes contemporary dance then I am more than pleased. If those discussions lead to new audiences, I will be even happier!



    DUETS is, as the title suggests, a program of works for two dancers. I am extremely excited for this show as it sees the return of two choreographers who got their start creating in Winnipeg; former WCD Artistic Director Tedd Robinson and former WCD dancer Lesandra Dodson. Robinson’s work, a world premiere commissioned by Winnipeg’s dancing dynamo, Alexandra Elliot, opens the evening with an intoxicatingly mythic duet performed by Elliot and Ian Mozden. Dodson’s duet, TWIGS, is a riveting world premiere performed by WCD dancers Ali Robson and Aaron Paul. Set to original music and text performed live by one of Winnipeg’s favourite singer/songwriters, Christine Fellows, TWIGS will be a feast for the eyes and ears. The third work programmed for the evening is the remount of my 2012 duet, ANGLE OF REPOSE. I originally made this duet for a man (Mark Medrano) and a woman (Kayla Henry). This time however, it is being performed by two woman. Why you ask?…Because it’s 2016! You will not want to miss what WCD dancers Jasmine Allard and Alexandra Winters pull off with this extremely physical duet that explores with bodies ‘the maximum slope, measured in degrees from the horizontal, at which loose solid material will remain in place without sliding’ or, the ANGLE OF REPOSE.


    Think ‘Outside the Box’!

    IMG_1590 (1)

    DUETS runs April 21st – 23rd at The Rachel Browne Theatre at 8pm. Get involved in the world of contemporary dance and enjoy something new that may be outside your box by purchasing your tickets to this fantastic show.